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Like most success stories Joey attributes his accomplishments and success to owning 3 salons in the past 30 years, and to years of hard work, personal sacrifice, and unyielding determination for his dreams to come to fruition. And to having a great team on his side. Without them we would never be able to grow. Joey has this to say about his secret to success... Take as many calculated risks as you can withstand. Once you catch the wave, maintain your balance and ride it out as long as your mind, body and spirit permit. Always remember those who supported your dream. Don't let your ego be your guide. And always remember that right thoughts and right efforts ultimately bring about right results. If there's a better way, strive to find it.

Joey has been a professional licensed Barber since 1979. His barbering expertise in the areas of color formulations and razor cutting have provided his male clientele with the classic barber shop experience in a salon setting. Joey has trained his team with the knowledge and skills that can only come from years of experience. While always striving to provide his clients with superior techniques, Joey continues to train with the country's most accomplished and trend-setting barbers and stylists. This combination of master barbering skills, professionalism and his commitment to customer service is the reason why many of Joey's customers have been with him for over 30 years and why his clientele continues to grow. Please join the number of clients who have said that their experience at Joey's Hair Systems is like none other.