Why Joey's is on The Cutting Edge

Stylists and expert Colorists Salon Professionals: Your search for the perfect salon is over.
Imagine the perfect balance of upscale ambiance, impeccable quality service and business sophistication.
Imagine attractive starting salaries, income growth potential, and performance bonuses.

What worked yesterday...is outdated today! We build careers not chairs.

Yesterday salons built stars   Today salons build teams
Yesterday salons encouraged stylists to build followings   Today salons build teams
Yesterday salons built stars   Today they build salon clients
Yesterday salons tracked request rates   Today they track client retention rates
Yesterday salons based pay solely on sales   Today pay is based on over-all performance
Yesterday stylists were responsible for their own book   Today everyone is responsible for every hour the salon has available for sale
Yesterday commissions inspired individual growth   Today team-based incentives inspire team growth
Yesterday followings limited client access   Today clients are serviced by the skills of the entire salon
Yesterday waiting lists were a status symbol   Today waiting lists symbolize gridlock and inefficiency
Yesterday a stylist income stalled operating on commission and booth rental when their work schedule filled   Today team-based pay and team bonus offers continued income growth
Yesterday stylists saw their income security in their followings   Today they see their income security in team based pay and bonuses

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Reproduced with permission from Strategies, the leader in salon and spa business training and coaching.
For more information on Strategies and its services, go to www.strategies.com.